Abdominal massage for the internal organs

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    All about the Abdominal massage for the internal organs.

    According to the Chinese medicine, stressful feelings, environmental pollution and food toxins are stored in the abdominal area, creating tensions that reduce the functionality of the internal organs which operate for the detoxification and nourishment of the body. Massage in the belly area and the rest of the body will detoxify and restore the functionality of the internal organs and will bring  physical and emotional balance.


    Abdominal massage offers:

    • Relief from constipation and restoration of the digestive process.
    • Massage in the abdominal muscles relieves lower back pain.
    • Elimination of toxins from the body
    • Deep sense of vitality, physical relaxation and emotional afterglow.

    Abdominal massage is a full body massage focused in the belly area performed on a massage table with the use of essential oils.