Osteo Thai Massage

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    All about the Osteo Thai Massage.

    Applying gentle pressure on specific points and meridians of the body leads to relief from muscular pain and blockages that congests through stress and accumulated toxins. At the same time we apply a variety of passive stretching exercises improving (similar to yoga postures) as well as whole body movement that improves flexibility postural alignment of the body.


    Some of the benefits of Osteo Thai Yoga Massage:

    • Relieving from musculoskeletal pain (back, waist, neck, shoulders, legs)
    • Improvement of blood circulation and immune system function
    • Stimulates and balances the nervous system activity
    • Improves sleep
    • Offers a new perception of the body and provides deep breathing


    The massage is an on clothes; full-body treatment performed on a special mattress on the floor without the use of oil.

    Useful Information

    Starting Time: Flexible


    Thai Massage / Osteo Thai treatments times variety from 1 – 1.5, 2 hours

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