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Top 7 Things to Do in Andros

Andros has plenty of must-see attractions that you should include in your itinerary if you wish to experience Andros in a short space of time. Here’s an easy top 7 list to get you started.
Aerial view to the idyllic town of Andros island, with the fortress by the turquoise sea, Cyclades, Greece

1. Explore Andros Town (Chora)

Andros Chora town

Andros Town, also known as Chora, serves as the vibrant capital and main port of Andros island, welcoming travelers with its timeless charm and distinctive character. As you step foot into Andros Town, you’ll be captivated by its architectural splendor. Neoclassical mansions adorned with ornate balconies line the winding cobblestone streets, creating a picturesque setting that harks back to the island’s prosperous past.

Despite its popularity among tourists, Andros Town has managed to retain its authentic Greek charm and laid-back atmosphere. Take your time to wander off the beaten path, where hidden alleyways and secret corners reveal the true essence of this enchanting town.

Another perfect way to experience the charming capital of Andros is by joining sightseeing tours. Choose your favorite tour and vessel for an unforgettable experience!

2. Relax on Achla Beach


Nestled along the rugged coastline of Andros, Greece, Achla Beach stands as a pristine oasis awaiting discovery by travelers seeking tranquility and natural beauty. Achla Beach offers a serene escape from the bustling crowds, tucked away in a secluded cove surrounded by imposing cliffs and verdant hillsides. Upon arrival, travelers are greeted by the sound of gentle waves lapping against the shore and the refreshing sea breeze rustling through the nearby olive groves.

While Achla Beach’s remote location adds to its sense of seclusion, reaching this hidden gem requires a bit of adventure. Accessible primarily by boat or a scenic hike along the coastline, the journey to Achla Beach is as much a part of the experience as the destination itself, offering glimpses of untouched wilderness and breathtaking vistas along the way.

3. Discover Hidden Waterfalls


Tucked away amidst lush forests and babbling streams, Andros’ hidden waterfalls offer an enchanting oasis for those willing to venture off the beaten path. The air is filled with the soothing sounds of cascading water, creating a symphony of nature that transports visitors to a tranquil realm of serenity and solitude.

Accessible only by winding paths and rugged trails, these hidden waterfalls remain secluded sanctuaries untouched by the trappings of modernity. As travelers navigate through the dense foliage and rocky terrain, anticipation builds, and the promise of discovery beckons them onward, fueling their sense of adventure and exploration.

4. Visit The Monastery of Panachradou


Perched atop a hill overlooking the island, the Monastery of Panachrantou offers not only spiritual solace but also panoramic vistas of Andros. Explore the monastery’s intricate architecture, serene courtyards, and ancient relics for a glimpse into the island’s religious heritage.

The monastery’s architectural splendor is a testament to the island’s rich history and religious heritage. It is not only a place of worship but also a custodian of Andros’ cultural heritage. Visitors can explore its ancient chapels, serene courtyards, and peaceful gardens, each offering a glimpse into the island’s rich history and spiritual traditions.

5. Visit Apikia & Menites Villages

menites andros

Apikia Village stands as a tranquil retreat, offering travelers a glimpse into the authentic charm and rich cultural heritage of rural Greece. Situated in the northern part of Andros, Apikia Village is framed by rolling hillsides adorned with terraced fields, ancient olive groves, and blooming orchards. The village’s traditional stone houses, with their terracotta roofs and colorful shutters, blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings, creating a scene of timeless beauty.

After a short hike to reach Pithara Waterfalls, travelers are rewarded with a refreshing respite from the heat of the day. The cool, invigorating waters invite weary adventurers to take a dip and soak away their cares, while surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the natural landscape.

The settlement of Menites on Andros Island is situated about 6 kilometers from the capital, Chora. Another settlement by the name Mesaria is also nearby. Menites is a beautiful village built on Petalo Mountain, 200 meters above sea level.

The village of Menites is famous for its springs and abundance of water and greenery. Menites village is a trekker’s paradise in the true sense of the term; it has impeccable paved alleys and footpaths ideal for trekking.

Other good trekking options are towards the Panachrantou Monastery, Pitrofos-Paleopoli and Lamyra-Chora. These spots are easily accessible on foot and are wonderful for relaxation. The Feasts for Dionysos is celebrated at Menites village with much fanfare.

6. Spend time in Batsi

batsi - explore andros

Batsi is the most touristic resort on the Greek island of Andros. It is located seven kilometers (4 mi) southeast of the port city of Gavrio and twenty-five kilometers (15.5 mi) west of the capital of Andros, Chora. Batsi is situated in a bay with a large, sandy, pebble beach and is surrounded by lots of green. The village has a cosmopolitan character, and there are many nice traditional taverns and ouzeries. The nightlife here is the best on the island. We visited Batsi in April, the tourist season had yet to begin and it was still very quiet, but during summer it is vibrant and busy.

Batsi was originally a fishing village but in recent decades has developed tourism. At the small fishing harbor you see both fishing boats and yachts. In Batsi there are many hotels and apartments to rent. Batsi has a beautiful beach, but also outside Batsi you will find nice quiet beaches such as Chrissi Ammos beach north of the town, about three kilometers (nearly 2 mi) away. Some lovely, quiet beaches are south of Batsi. From Batsi, which today has about 1,000 permanent residents, you can make all kinds of day trips in the area. The monastery of Zoodochou Pigi and the traditional villages of Katakilos and Arni, where mills and water can be seen, are worth a visit.

7. Visit Korthi


Korthi or Ormos Korthiou is a beautiful village in Andros, in the southern part of the island. This picturesque village is ideal for relaxation and tranquility, but at the same time, it has many entertainment options. It is the center of tourism and business in the area.

Three sandy beaches surround Korthi: the beach of Mylos, which has a wind-surfing school, Vitzi-Agia Ekaterini beach, and the characteristic beach of the area, Tis Grias to Pidima. In addition, some old traditional hiking trails, for which Andros is famous, lead to picturesque dovecotes.

It is worth visiting Dipotamata, with its unique watermills, an area of outstanding natural beauty, transformed into an ecological museum of hydroelectric power. Near the bay is the beautiful village of Kaparia with its beautiful dovecotes, watermills, and old stone houses.

The villages of Vouni, Gianniseo, and Lardia with their old churches and stone bridges, cool springs, plane trees, and old stone houses will enchant you. Chones, Alamania, and Kochilos where the beautiful Venetian Pano Katro or Castle Faneromeni and the village of Syneti worth your visit.