Andros is irresistible to nature lovers

Blessed with verdant vegetation and flowing streams Andros is the greenest and most fertile island in the Cyclades. In comparison to the rest of the Cyclades, it rains a lot and there are numerous rivers, streams, springs and waterfalls.

Beaches with crystal clear waters and golden sand, ideal for relaxing, swimming and water sports

Imagine yourself lying on a soft sandy beach, soaking up the warm rays of the sun, listening to the waves hitting on the beach. It’s not a dream, it can be real if you chose to travel to Andros this summer. There are so many beaches to choose from such as the pristine sandy beaches of Vori and Achla, “to Pidima tis Grias”, Gialia, and Piso Gialia, Mikri Peza, Zorkos, Vitali and Ateni and several others.

A cultural tourist destination


The globally acknowledged Museum of Modern Art, managed by the Goulandris Foundation, houses unique collections of the finest painters and sculptors from Greece and abroad, including Fassianos, Tsarouchis, Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky, Chagall to name a few. The archaeological museums in the Chora and Paleopolis represent the ancient history of the island with their exhibits. The Cyclades Olive Museum is a fine example of a small pre-industrial, animal powered, olive oil producing unit that is worth visiting.

A mixture of medieval, neoclassical and Cycladic architecture that will enchant you

Classic Cycladic houses co-exist with neoclassical buildings, Venetian tower-houses and traditional stone houses. The Hora, the capital of the island, is home to famous Greek captains and ship owners and is a mixture of medieval, neoclassical and Cycladic architecture.

Close proximity of Andros to Athens & rest of the Cyclades


The close proximity of Andros to Athens, has established it as one of the best holiday spots for short and long vacations. The island’s connection with other islands in the Cyclades such as Tinos, Mykonos, Syros and so on also make it the perfect stop on an island-hopping adventure.

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International Festival of Andros

Andros island identified in the international art scene, dynamically enters summer cultural map of the country, thanks to an outdoor theater in the heart of the traditional settlement of Chora and is hosted in August . International Andros Festival, with performances of ancient drama from Epidaurus and concerts of major Greek singers alongside appearances by distinguished artists from Andros. The new cultural institution is headed as artistic director of the award-winning Greek director Pantelis Voulgaris.

Delicious food & wine to satisfy any palate

To get a real “taste” of Andros, you should sample the local dishes and products, which are delicious. You should try the island’s specialty is “froutalia” which includes omelet with sausage and potatoes, the local sausages, fried zucchini blossoms, the locally produced cheese “volaki” or “petroti” and, of course, a glass of the famous Andros wine.

Exciting sites to visit for the archaeology enthusiasts

Andros offers several wonderful ancient sites. In Paleopoli, you can visit two of the most interesting sites on the island: the Ancient City of Andros and the Geometric Settlement of Zagora, where visitors can see the remains of various structures, including houses, walls, and gates.  Paleopoli also has an archaeological museum which displays various artifacts, rock paintings of animals, ships and linear designs which have been unearthed. The Tower of Agios Petros in Gavrio, is one of the best-preserved ancient towers in Greece. Its indoor area contains a spiral staircase that connects 5 levels.  Ancient Ispili is located on a hill near the town of Batsi, and includes a number of structures.